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Established in 2006, China Energy Lithium Co., Ltd. is a state-level high-tech enterprise, whose main business is research, development, production and sales of lithium battery electrode materials and related products. Driven by technological innovation, we has carried out in-depth industry-university-research cooperation with more than ten top international research institutes, and has made outstanding achievements in promoting the prelithiation technology of rechargeable lithium batteries and the industrialization of new lithium anode materials for rechargeable lithium batteries. 
    Adhering to the tenet of serving global users with high level and high efficiency, we will provide the overall solution of prelithiation technology (including multi-specification products, application technology, prelithiation equipment, experimental platform, technical consultation, etc.) with customized services to meet the needs of lithium power battery, energy storage battery and 3C batteries manufacturers.
    As a supplier of lithium metal anode materials for rechargeable lithium batteries, Our innovative products, such as lithium/lithium alloy on current collector, ultra-thin lithium foil, ultra-thin lithium alloy foil, can be applied to solid-state batteries, lithium-sulfur batteries, lithium metal batteries and so on.
In addition, the battery-grade lithium foil, lithium chips, lithium rope, high-purity lithium, passivated lithium powder, lithium-aluminum alloy foil, lithium-magnesium alloy foil, lithium-silicon alloy powder, lithium-boron alloy foil/chips and other products developed by us have been widely used in lithium-manganese dioxide cylindrical batteries, lithium-thionyl chloride cylindrical batteries, lithium-iron batteries, lithium-manganese dioxide coin batteries, thermal batteries and lithium supercapacitors etc. The products sell well all over the world. 
    We pay attention to the construction of quality management system and environmental management system, and has passed ISO9001: 2015 certification, ISO14001: 2015 certification and IATF16949: 2016 certification.
    We will continue to adhere to technological progress and technological innovation, and is willing to join hands with partners to create and promote the brilliance and development of the lithium batteries industry.





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Striped micron level microporous lithium film
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Ultra-thin lithium foil 
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Ultra-wide lithium foil 
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Ultra-narrow lithium foil 
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Lithium on copper foil
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Lithium / lithium alloy on current collector
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5μm Micron level microporous lithium film
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Lithium alloy on copper foil
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Lithium on stainless steel foil/nickel foil size
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Anode materials for primary lithium batteries


Prelithiation of lithium-ion batteries


Lithium metal anode materials for rechargeable lithium batteries




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What is prelithiation?

At present, commercial lithium-ion batteries use graphite, silicon
carbon, and  silousite as the anode active material, and these
materials do not contain "lithium". The so-called pre-lithiation (lithium
supplement) means that the anode contains "lithium" before the
battery is working.
1. Why is prelithiation required?
Lithium-ion battery devices must be charged before working. The
lithium ions of  the positive electrode migrate to the anode. However,
due to the low potential of the anode, a small amount of lithium ions
will be consumed before receiving lithium ions, forming a solid state on the surface of the anode active particles.
Electrolyte interface (SEI), this part of the consumption is irreversible, so it will reduce the overall battery energy output. In order to pursue a higher energy density of the battery, it is necessary to replenish the
battery cell with lithium.
2. The pain points of the prelithiation industry?
The pain point of the battery cell prelithiation industry lies in the
precise control of the amount of lithium added, that is, the added
lithium is only used for prelithiation to form SEI. Do not overcharge the
lithium, otherwise the battery cell will "eject lithium" during the cycle,
and lithium dendrites will grow, which may pierce the diaphragm,
cause the battery cell to short-circuit and cause a safety accident. In
addition, it is also necessary to pay attention to the controllability of the
lithium replenishment process, to match the current cell preparation
process to the greatest extent, and cannot greatly or even increase
the cell preparation cost, so that the pre-lithiation process has future
market application prospects.

Pre-power battery new battle: Tesla vs. CATL?

Author: China Energy Storage Network
News source: krypton 36
battery suppliers launched Aligned Movement
There are not a few car companies like Tesla that build their own
battery factories.
General Motors will build a battery production base in the United
States. Mercedes-Benz has 9 battery factories in Europe, Asia and
North America. BYD has 5 battery factories in China, located in
Huizhou, Shenzhen, Chongqing, Xi'an and Qinghai. Geely owns two
battery factories in Ningbo and Jinhua, and its battery factory in
Jingzhou will be completed and put into production this year.
If car companies can achieve "battery freedom", battery companies
will face the risk of losing customers. Therefore, many battery
manufacturers have taken precautions and launched an alliance
campaign in advance.
The Swedish battery company Northvolt and Volkswagen jointly
established a battery factory. After LG Chem and General Motors
jointly established a new energy vehicle battery joint venture, they
joined hands with Hyundai. French battery manufacturer SAFT and
Peugeot Citroen Group (PSA) have jointly established two automotive power battery plants. Even Panasonic, who has fought side by side
with Tesla for 10 years, is also looking for a good partner.




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